Cutting-edge automation solution with AI

12/15/2021  |
The next stage of industrial automation technology is to equip it with artificial intelligence (AI) as standard. But what is needed for AI to work perfectly?

Oliver Habisch as a guest on the Startup Insider Podcast

11/26/2021  |
Our CEO Oliver Habisch was a guest on Startup Insider. We talk about our recently completed fundraising round and the opportunities of digitalization in the plastics industry.

NEXOCRAFT raises €5 million in seed round and turns engineers into data scientists

11/24/2021  |
The basic equipment of industrial plants with artificial intelligence (AI) is on the verge of a breakthrough. Our growth course here is based on the claim of creating a symbiosis between humans and AI, rather than replacing one with the other.

IIoT expertise for industry: 5 challenges

08/25/2021  |
We are strengthening our management with experts Dr. Ingo Hofacker and Kay-Ingo Greve on the Advisory Board of NEXOCRAFT. What are the biggest challenges for the digitalization of production lines? What are the answers? 

Full connectivity on the shopfloor

07/15/2021  |
The digitization of machines and production lines always begins with the provision of production data. You need to enable your plants and check how the data can be transmitted. Our new cooperation with Cybus can help here.

IoT data basis for AI applications

06/29/2021  |
Artificial Intelligence is finally establishing itself as a must-have for the modern industrial business. With the development of Machine Learning and Data Science, more opportunities open up for enterprises to take the next level.

Webinar: Smarter industry with data analytics & AI

06/08/2021  |
As part of the European Champions Alliance, we presented our solution for an AI driven industrial production in the "Smart Industry" webinar.